Friday, October 12, 2018

Naver reveals cleaner new home screen, with voice assistant access and content reorganization

It looks like the Naver homepage refresh is almost done. Naver released a promo video showing how the app will look. Nice and clean.

New Naver app look. Still shot: Naver

Here's a more upclose view:

New Naver app look. Image: JoongAng Ilbo

Here's the short video. Watch for yourself. [Direct link or embedded below]

You can see in the video that in addition to quick access to all basic Naver services, that cute little blue-green circle dot icon thing is the equivilent icon for Naver's version of the Google Assistant (they're calling it the Green Dot, and it's your new hub for everything Naver). The video shows commands and queries you can give it, including audio searches, and integration with things like its Lens app to instantly buy what you're looking at.

It also functions as a "context aware" assistant, surfacing relevant info/functions based on page context or things like location/time/history etc. Basically their vision is eventually to use AI so that you don't even need to search anymore. Just press the Green Dot and it will already surface what you want before you've asked for it.

You'll also easily "swipe left" for the normal goodies like News, and swipe right for more personalized features like the MY feed and potentially nearby recommendations, including hot shopping items geared toward your interests, and new "lab" features will appear here.

All this should be available in the Naver app for Android already. iOS has some kind of limitation that prevents these features.

You can see this set up featured in this snapshot here:

Naver content left and right. Image: Korea Herald

New organization layout for Naver. Image: JoongAng Ilbo

And see a demo in this video here:

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No idea if this will reduce abuse of news article comments and upvotes, but it looks nice so why not.

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