2019 Suneung 수능 questions (end-of-year 2018)

Today was test-taking day for the Korean equivalent of the SAT, known as the Suneung (수능) or the CSAT, for the 2019 university admission year. As usual the full questions and answer sheets were released online within minutes.

Question sheet of 2019 English CSAT in Korea

Where to find the questions and answers

All Suneung answer sheets are freely available for personal use on Naver simply by searching the year of the test you want and "answer sheets" in this form: 

2019 수능 답지

You'll be shown an infobox in the results with links to each subject. 

Image: Naver search results

Direct PDF links to the test sheets

For your convenience, I've added links to the forms in English here below.

For the English portions, you can download the actual reading comprehension question sheet plus answers at this link in a 900kb PDF file:
🔗 https://ssl.pstatic.net/static.news/image/news/2018/2019_scholastic_test/question/3_o.pdf

Korea Times also put up some sample questions and answers as inline images:
Check your English ability with 'notorious' Korean college entrance exam

You can also check out the script for the listening portion of the English part of the test.

And if you're really curious, there are also the various other subjects' questions and answers, including: 

Sample questions 

The main point of this post is just to link you to the right place to find the full question and answer sheets on your own, since they are simple to download in PDF form. 

However to see some sample questions online, I've made a newer post (several now in fact) that features actual sample questions and answers from the test, with the original test imagery combined with my transcribed questions and answers

Click here for that:

I have some questions/answers from other years up at this category link:

Second foreign language?

Back to the 2019 year, I forgot to add that there are question and answer sheets for the second foreign language sections too. All students must take the English section, but students also have the option of choosing an additional language test from these choices:
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese
If you speak one of these languages, it's kind of neat to see what Koreans are studying about your language/culture. Here's a portion from the Spanish section. Looks like they're reading up on El Greco.

Spanish language portion of 2019 Korean CSAT test

I'm no expert at español but it sure looks a lot easier than the English portion. This is one trick some Korean students have up their sleeves: studying obscure (to Asians, at least) languages which are always easier than the English portion and have much less competitive rates. Arabic was famous for being especially "easy" (assuming you've done some minor Arabic study of course). 

Good luck and happy studying.