Links from Dec 2018 and Year End Wrap Up

Here's a collection of end-of-year links for you. Some general interesting links from December plus various end of year lists to look back on 2018.

2018 Year in Review Link Roundup

Links for December 2018

Stuff I put on Twitter

Google Maps in Korea seems to have gotten an update to show when the bus and next bus will arrive in real-time.

Merry Friends Ryan with Snowman, and Rudolph Ryan, ready to celebrate Christmas 2018
#카카오프렌즈 #kakaofriends #KAKAOFRIEND

KakaoTalk has a new "Live Talk" feature. Basically turns a group chat into a Periscope-type experience.

Naver's "goodbye 2018" doodle. Image: Naver

Naver's Happy New Year 2019 doodle. Image: Naver

Happy new year folks. Hope you have a good one.