3-1 Movement's 100th anniversary celebrated by Naver, Daum, Nate, but not Google

Today was the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement also called the 3-1 Movement (삼일 운동) which commemorates Korean uprising against Japan during its colonial rule of the nation.

Needless to say, it was a big deal with a lot of events in Seoul. And the major portal sites got in on the action too with some special commemorative doodles in their search bars.


Naver had a neat animated logo that showed off some famous photographs from the era, including what looks like 김마리아 and of course 유관순 (Yu Gwan-sun).

Update - You can read about them in English here:
Korea Times | Woman of independence movements

Naver search bar commemorating 100 years of the 3.1 Movement

If you clicked it, it would bring up relevant search results including an informative one-box result with more information on the key events, people, and locations.

Naver one-box results for "3.1운동 100주년" query

It would also link you to their corresponding campaign site:
3.1절 100주년

Here you can more clearly see the written passage, which is taken from the "declaration of independence" of the time :
우리는 오늘 조선이 독립한 나라임과 자주적인 민족임을 선언한다
"Today we declare the independence of Korea and the Korean people."
3·1독립선언서 - 위키문헌, 우리 모두의 도서관




Interestingly, Google's homepage was the standard blank generic logo today. Maybe they're not in a festive mood. Although that hasn't stopped at least some netizens from wondering if Google chose not to promote the celebration out of fear of offending Japan [‘3.1절 100주년’ 맞이 태극기 로고 없는 구글…“일본 눈치 보나?” - 아시아투데이] Who knows.

Finally, here's a few nice posts about the events in Seoul for this anniversary: