Links from August 2019

The weather is getting cooler at night making it great for evening walks and outdoor beers. Have a cold one and relax with some interesting links from the past month.

Links from August 2019

Special Mentions

USCIS to Close the Seoul Field Office - Many services that were formerly performed for Americans at the US Embassy in Seoul are being discontinued and will now apparently only be available by mail back to the States or at other embassy locations (I hear talk of the Philippines being the closest?). Luckily I don't usually require embassy services but if you have dual-national kids here or a wife you're thinking of taking back to the USA at some point, this may affect you.

Korean Cardboard - This is the kind of stuff I miss from the early days of the web before people locked this sort of material up in walled gardens behind login prompts. An honest to God blog dedicated to a guy's passionate hobby. Korean Cardboard is a surprisingly detailed collection of examples and information for Korean baseball card collecting and trading. Of particular interest was his extensive list of foreigner plays in the KBO. Give him a visit. I don't even really care for Korean baseball but I'm subscribing anyway.

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Just a funny example of auto-translations gone wrong. "I CANNOT WAIT FOR MASTURBATION".