Lookalikes 9: Kim Tae-hyung and Fred the Fish

Fred the Fish and Kim Tae-hyung

Kim Tae-hyung (김태형) apparently looks like Fred the Fish from Spongebob. Or at least dresses like him.

Tae-hyung is one of the members of wildly internationally popular K-pop boy group BTS, where he goes by the stage name "V." Fred is a character from Spongebob.

I don't actually know any of this. I just Googled. Both of these things are a little after my demographic. But it is pretty uncanny. I wonder what the back story of this outfit is. If it was just the shirt and pants I'd say they just get coordinated well, but the belt too? Of course there's the rub. Because if you look through pictures of Fred, you'll notice that his belt is always black with a bright gold buckle. It looks to me like somebody faded down the color in the buckle until it sort of matched Taehyung's. So I don't know but I'm just guessing that somebody noticed that outfit looks like Fred, found the closest possible match, and did some minor editing for comedy. But it's still pretty uncanny.

Anyway I found this one over on Reddit so click over and give the poster an upvote.

Life imitates art from r/memes