Kakao "Smart Helmet" available for preorder

Kakao Corp has a new accessory device available for pre-order: a smart helmet that both protects your head and connects you hands-free to the Kakao virtual assistant, Kakao i.

Kakao's Smart Helmet, pairing with phone. Image: Kakao Makers

It looks like a partnership between Kakao and Sena, a company I didn't know but which makes Bluetooth connected motorcycle helmets that let riders talk to each other hands-free. The Kakao "Hey Kakao" app (their version of the Google assistant or Google Home app) can be activated over this connection by speaking the "Hey Kakao" call phrase, which then can control anything the Kakao AI can do.

So you can ask your helmet to stream music from Melon, give you weather and news updates, read you your incoming KakaoTalk messages and reply to them, and I guess in theory control the smart devices in your home and anything else the Kakao AI can do.

I wouldn't be surprised if they start including a helmet like this with temporary rental of their Kakao T bikes. They do feature the two together in the promotion imagery:

Kakao smart helmets being worn while riding Kakao T electric rental bikes. Image: Kakao Makers

Apparently it only works with Android now despite there being an app for iOS.

If you're interested, check back on Kakao Makers (sort of a Kickstarter type site) for when a batch is ready to order. Be ready to drop 135,000 won for it.
🔗 https://makers.kakao.com/item/1206635

SENA Smart Bicycle Helmet R1 - Hey Kakao edition. Image: Kakao Makers