Portals celebrate Hangul Day 2019 (and special Naver hangul stickers)

Today is Hangul Day, and the portals have changed to cute doodles to celebrate. Naver has included a downloadable sticker pack made up of cute Korean phrases in various styles of hangul writing. Let's take a look.

Naver's Hangul Day doodle and sticker pack

Naver's logo is a rotating series of samples of their stickers. The font and style of each phrase mimics its meaning.

Naver main logo featuring hangul sticker samples for Hangul Day 2019

Naver desktop logo for Hangul Day 2019

Clicking the doodle logo brings you to a special Hangul promotion page, where you can watch the results of their workshop in designing these types.

Naver hangul promotion page: hangeul.naver.com

You can download them as animated GIF files to insert anywhere you want. There's also a corresponding blog entry that goes into more detail about them.

Naver's Hangul day 2019 sticker set. Image: Naver

Here's the list of stickers. They're arranged in pairs meant to support each other. I was going to translate them (most are very easy) but some (near the middle of this list; "늘해랑"?) are strange/unfamiliar to me, even after looking them up. The meanings are actually explained here but I don't have time for learning today:

  • 멋지다
  • 사랑해
  • 미안해
  • 믿고 있어
  • 소중
  • 친구
  • 푸른날
  • 동행
  • 행복
  • 오롯 
  • 마음
  • 늘해랑
  • 또바기
  • 오늘의 유언
  • 연안
  • 방긋방긋
  • 도담도담
  • 두근두근
  • 튼!튼!
  • 수고했어
  • 잘 될 거야
  • 잘 지내니?
  • 평안하세요

You can also easily take a look at them on the V-Live page. These look like still versions, but are simpler to download.

Naver's hangul stickers for use (free) on Naver's VLive K-pop contents service. Image: VLive

Here's Naver's promo image showing how you can download them for use in specific apps. But again you can also just download the image files directly from either the blog or the hangul site if you want to use them elsewhere.

Using the stickers in various Naver apps

The locations where you can officially download the sticker packs for use are:


Here's Google's logo doodle for today:

Google's Hangul Day 2019 doodle. Image: Google

The main Google search page includes a link to a special feature via Google Arts and Culture on Hangul, including many fascinating upclose shots of 500 year old texts with accompanying explanations of the text and its relevance. This feature is available both in English, and in Korean.

Google's Hangul feature. Image: Google Arts and Culture


Here's Daum's logo for the day.
Daum logo for Hangul Day 2019


And here's Nate's logo.

Nate logo for Hangul day 2019

Other stuff

You can also see a demo of the Galaxy Note 10's stylus drawing pretty Hangul styles
‘한글날, 갤럭시 노트10 손글씨로 마음 전해보세요’ – Samsung Newsroom Korea

And speaking of handwriting, Naver's Clova AI site has a whole set of new, handsome Korean language fonts available free for download in .TTF file packages. Just drop them in your fonts folder and they should be usable in most systems. HT to u/BenjiNuri on Reddit.

The neat thing about these handwritten fonts is that they are amalgamations of hand written letters that participants wrote-in with, and were scanned by OCR tech and then combined by AI into single representative letters. So you know, see how a thousand people write 가 and then combine and smooth to get a typical real life handwritten shape that more or less represents common styles. Neat.

New handwritten Korean fonts from Naver. Image: Clova

And here's something interesting for today: