Links from Sept-Nov 2019

I am way behind on my monthly link roundup posts. I've been pretty busy with my day job lately and the truth is I just didn't feel like putting in the 15 minutes of work it takes to round up these saved links and post them here. But since we're entering December already somehow I better put these up before it's too late and the year ends.

There are links from Sept, Oct, and Nov. in here so think of it as a nice relaxing winter reading list to occupy your spare time in cold winter mornings and nights. As usual I've tried to throw together an interesting mix. Hope you enjoy.

Links from September ~ November 2019

Special Mentions

  • New Driver's Licenses Display Information in English - The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Daily News from Korea - National/Politics > National - These can save you a trip to the police station for picking up an international license if you have a Korean one but are visiting home. It depends on where home is though, as right only only certain countries/areas will accept the physical Korean license with English on the back. I don't really see why, since an international license sure seems to me like just a simple translation of your license anyway. I went in for an international license last month so I could drive during a trip in November, and noticed that the same form now gives you two options: 영어 and 국제 so clearly they're offering it and it's very easy to apply for it. Any police station's traffic affairs desk can help you. Maybe I'll get mine like that soon. 
  • Gusts Of Popular Feeling: Kim Yong-jang was not a military intelligence officer - Fascinating read. Always fun to read blogs by local, normal guys, and especially about an era for which there is just so much uncertainty and so much was off-the-record. 
  • Korea post office box sizes – A Shade of Jade - Another hat tip to another local blog out there answering your questions. I like this community. In my opinion it's what makes Naver useful for so many people: average bloggers with a passionate hobby who take the time to put this information online in public searchable sites. Support your local K-blogger especially if they talk about non-Kpop content (not that there's anything wrong with K-pop content). 
  • Store closure has readers asking 'what the book?' - I remember dropping in to What The Book multiple times over the years to pick up newly released things or just a couple used paperbacks. Sad to see them go but the truth is I switched to online book ordering a long time ago (and who am I kidding, I barely read physical books anyway anymore). 
  • Construction Is Not Only Men’s Work | ILDA - I wouldn't say I'm exactly a feminist but this blog continues to produce quality and interesting content. 
  • Seoul's administrative battle to keep its public parks - Good look at the frightening possibility of large parts of Seoul's greenbelt being eaten up by private developers. 
  • Gov't to Set up More Rest Stops for Drowsy Drivers - The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Daily News from Korea - National/Politics > National - If there is one thing Korea absolutely does not need more of, it's rest stops. Only in Korea will you pass by 9 or 10 very high quality, fully serviced, fully furnished rest stops on a 5 or 6 hours drive. Sometimes I stop in just for fun. Remind me one day to start a side blog cataloging all the great Korean rest stops. 
  • Seoulites Say Tap Water and Mineral Water Taste the Same | Be Korea-savvy - Funny because I actually tried this on my coworkers once after we talked about this, and believe it or not 4 out of 5 of them got it right. I'm sure the tap water is fine but I'm also pretty sure I can taste the difference and the bottled stuff is better. Maybe I've tricked myself. 
  • Lime’s e-scooters arrive in Korea-INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily - It never ceases to amaze me to see guys whizzing past me on the sidewalk or right in the street on these light-pulsing Bladerunner type one-wheel zooming things with their AirPods and sunglasses on and hands in the pockets of a trenchcoat. Sometimes I think Korea really is the future. 
  • Cyworld faces business shutdown - Goodbye old friend. Somewhere out there is the profile I created many moons ago, back when I didn't know better and created an English profile and only later realized they were incompatible with the Korean profiles. Somehow reading about CyWorld reminded me of my old NateOn account I used to use to chat with coworkers on our laptops. Somewhere along the line Kakao usurped them and I doubt I even know my login anymore.

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