Everland featured in detail on Naver Map

Good news for tourists visiting Everland. Naver Map now features enhanced detail about Everland theme park, including locations and directions to specific rides, operation times, height restrictions, and live waiting times.

Everland Map now open

Browsing around Everland in the Naver Map app, you'll see enhanced little icons and characters showing where the various attractions are. These are shown in Korean plus your app language (English, Chinese, Japanese). Tapping them lets you get walkable directions to each place.

Walking directions from T Express to the Rose Garden in Naver Map

Naver already gathered "street view" type imagery inside the whole park, so you can use this to help you locate your way, or just to check out what the place looks like ahead of time before you even come to Korea. 

Streetview imagery of Everland in Naver Map

But the most important feature is the enhanced attraction detail. Tap or search any attraction. For example I checked out the Rolling X-Train. You can see below:
  • It operates from 10am~8pm
  • You must be 120cm tall to ride it
  • The waiting time is low right now

Detailed info on Everland attractions

Check those little pill bars beside Sky Cruise too. Those are the waiting times there. So a nice protip: scroll around the map and browse which attractions have lower waits, and get immediate walking directions to it. Don't be an amateur. Step up your Everland game, son.

Unfortunately these features don't seem functioning in the desktop PC version of Naver Map. You'll need the app.