Links for Sept-Nov 2020

We're reaching the end of the year pretty quick here, so before my list of interesting or noteworthy links gets too big, let's post them and give you some things to read as the evenings get darker. I can't believe how bleakly dark it is starting at what seems like 5pm. Pretty depressing to head to work in the dark and come home in the dark. I should buy one of those IR lights or something. 

Links from September 2020 ~ November 2020

Amazon free delivery

In case you missed it, Amazon is offering free delivery to South Korea on orders over $99 with certain products. The good news is that a large amount of products seem eligible for the deal, mostly those that are "fulfilled by Amazon". It looks like this may be related to Amazon's partnering with Korea's own "11th Street" online retailer: SK Telecom and Amazon enter equity deal for ecommerce boost | ZDNet 

Society, Culture, Lifestyle, etc. links

Business, tech, etc. links

Tis the season for end of year lists, so I'll try to throw a few of those up in the next week or two.