Explore the old Korean "Daedongyeo" map in your browser

Just an interesting link to share. The Korean National Geographic Information Institute has a page on its website where you can virtually explore the Daedongyeojido (대동여지도).

Daedongyeojido is a large scale map of Korea produced by Joseon dynasty cartographer and geologist Kim Jeong-ho in 1861. A second edition was printed in 1864. One source describes it as the "oldest map in Korea". [Wikipedia]

The map has been augmented with all the usual features of a modern online map. Pretty fun to scroll around, zoom in, compare features, find your location. 

Korean Daedongyeojido map website

Here's the link:

You can specify a location using the dropdown menus on the upper-left, but apparently only search northern areas of Korea, including modern Gangwondo, Gyeonggido, Chuncheondo, etc. 

And if you're looking for areas of Seoul, remember that it wasn't 서울 back then so you'll want to search the 한성부.