Login to KakaoTalk on desktop while maintaining Adguard blocking

If you use AdGuard to block ads on your PC and have it set to filter the desktop version of KakaoTalk, you may notice that you can't login to Kakao unless you disable AdGuard filtering. If you try, you'll get an error like this:

KakaoTalk login error on desktop with Adguard enabled

Luckily, you don't have to fully disable AdGuard each time. A small and very simple settings change can fix this issue.

Open your AdGuard menu and go to:

Preferences > Network > Filter HTTPS protocol > Exclusions...

Adguard's network preferences

In the pop-up box, add a custom entry by pressing the + sign. Type kakao.com and hit enter. 

Custom exceptions for https filtering

Hit "Close" and you should be able to login, while still maintaining Adguard's blocking of ads within KakaoTalk. 

Note that Adguard does not filter KakaoTalk by default. You'll have to add it to the list of applications for Adguard to filter. But it works great. 

This same setting can be applied to either the Windows PC or Mac version of Adguard.