Naver to discontinue old style search homepage

Fans of the old style Naver homepage, your days are numbered. 

Naver updated their mobile homepage two years ago back in 2019 to a more modern style that features more whitespace and more interactive elements. But until recently, you could continue to view the older classic version of the Naver homepage that kept the large link list style of most portal sites from the early 2000s period, including the iconic thick green search bar area. 

But beginning August 31, 2021, Naver will officially discontinue the older page style and users will be forced to view the modern updated style. 

Currently if you haven't updated the setting yet, you'll be getting this pop-up warning you of the change and asking you to make the switch now.

Pop-up announcing the depreciation of the old Naver homepage

Just for reference and posterity, here's what the old style homepage looked like today, along with the current version that will become the only option.

Classic style Naver homepage

Naver homepage as of 2019-present

I've always been a fan of this layout, probably just out of habit. It also had just such an iconic image, the green thick bar with fat NAVER lettering. I'll be sad to see it go.