Follow topics from academic Korean papers via RSS feed

If you are doing academic research about Korea, or looking up academic articles produced in Korea (for example for medical studies or etc), a few good services to use are RISS (Research Information Sharing Service) or the Library of Korean Studies. These can help you find scholarly articles, thesis projects, and academic papers on a variety of topics. For foreigners or those outside Korea who don't speak Korean, you can also search by English keywords to find articles written in English but produced in Korea which can give a good 'native' perspective. Many scientific papers for example written by Korean academics are published in English. 

You can learn about those websites more on your own. RISS has an English language version, as does the Library of Korean Studies.  

Keeping up with new updates on a topic of your choice seems to need you to sign up for an account to get emailed updates when new search results appear. But you can also still use RSS feeds.

Here is a quick example I noticed today when checking something. 

I personally don't see an RSS feed option anymore from RISS results.

But you can still get RSS feed results from the Library of Korean Studies which itself can pull in content from RISS listings. 

Here is an example. 

Example of following a Korea research topic via RSS

Let's say you are searching "kimchi" and you get a page of results like this:

These feed results are available via RSS. Here is the barebones link structure for getting RSS feed results from a topic:

The results returned from the feed:

That might be enough if your topic is specific and doesn't generate too many daily results.

But even if you want to adjust more advanced search settings, narrowing down by collection or dates or etc., you can do so. 

In that case, perform your search as usual, and when you get to a results page that you are satisfied with, we should go fetch the RSS URL for this page. 

I don't see an easy visual way to do this, so we should look at the page's HTML source code. 
  1. Use your browser to View the Page Source (usually this is in the "View' menu).
  2. Use the "Find" feature (usually by just pressing Cmd-F keyboard shortcut) and search for "API" (without quotes).
  3. One single result should appear.
The result should look something like this:

The link with the highlighted "API" in it is the RSS feed link. For example:

Just click it and you can add the link to your favorite RSS reader.