Automatically skip ads in Naver Whale browser (and Chrome too)

Naver's Chromium-based web browser Whale has its own Extensions store, in addition to being able to use most of the extensions in the Chrome Web Store. Some I've mentioned before in other posts. Here is one I thought was interesting, developed by a Naver worker: an advertisement auto-skipping extension. 

Once installed, the extension will auto-"click" the skip-this-ad buttons for you on several video streaming websites. This apparently includes:

  • YouTube
  • YouTube Music
  • Twitch
  • Naver
  • JobPlanet
  • KakaoTV
  • Afreeca
  • DailyMotion
  • JTBC
  • Netflix

I was surprised that a service like VLIVE is included, considering Naver themselves owns it, but of course this seems to just skip the ads once the mandatory roll time has passed. It's not an ad blocker. Just an ad auto-advancer. Still, if you're in the habit of leaving the streaming on, say when cooking or something, it could be nice to have a simple hands-free way to auto-skip after the 10 second roll rather than letting it go for the full 5 minute ad. 

You can install it from the Naver Whale Store into your Whale browser here:

If you're not a Whale fan and still prefer Chrome, you can likely install it manually. It's not available on the Chrome Web Store, but the author does have it open sourced on GitHub, meaning you can download it there and add it manually to Chrome by enabling the Developer Mode in your Chrome Extensions.

Always nice to see more competition and choices opening up. Whale really is a decent browser with a lot of convenient inbuilt features.