McDonalds locations in Korea without decaf coffee

I put this on Twitter but might as well throw it up here too. Seems like Googling things like this doesn't often return Twitter results for me.

I eat dinner at McDonalds pretty regularly (don't tell me how to live my life) and since it's usually pretty late at night, I try to go for decaf options but I'm not a huge fan of Sprite. So I usually go for the decaf coffee. I will switch up the restaurant location I visit depending on a few factors and noticed that certain places seem to regularly be out of decaf coffee.

Turns out there was a pattern that I hadn't noticed. Turns out certain locations simply do not offer decaf coffees. So I went searching and found an official list of McDonalds locations that don't have it. I figured I'd repost that list here in case anyone else is wondering about it. 

McDonalds locations in South Korea without decaf coffee

Mcdonalds decaf coffee missing locations

Hard to read so click it for the full version.