Naver Blog editor switches to "Smart Editor ONE" by default, "SmartEditor 2.0" depreciated

By November of this year, the composer for writing posts in a Naver Blog will default to their "Smart Editor ONE"  composer. This is a unified design that looks and functions similarly across both desktop web browser and the mobile app.

In fact the desktop blog editor will already default to the "ONE" style right now, but some have preferred to keep using the older version (which itself was an improvement from around 10 years ago). You're probably already using it.

Just for posterity's sake, here's what the old Smart Editor 2.0 looked like:

And here's what the current iteration, Smart Editor ONE, looks like:

You can switch them up for now in the blog editor settings (upper right corner) and even within the mobile app itself for now:

I actually do like the new editor. It makes it very comfortable to write and compose. Not that I do much blogging there.