Korean websites celebrate Foundation Day with cute logo doodles

Here's a look at some logo doodle imagery from today, which is Korean Foundation Day (Gaecheonjeol, 개천절). Today's the mythical day of founding of the Korean people as the Gojoseon kingdom and the birth of Dangun (단군), the first Korean, whose mother was a bear and father was God. Not surprisingly, a lot of the imagery around this event will focus on portraying Dangun, so he is the respected old grandfather you'll see in these logo doodles from a few websites around the Korean internet today.


This gorgeous Naver logo doodle features Dangun, maybe sitting under a birch tree (the 신단수)? The tiger and bear from the story of the cave are there too.  

Here are some nice other sketches that would have looked great too, though I think they went the right choice above. 

These are by artist 가지 Gajee. Find his Instagram here:


A noble, simplified drawing of Dangun sat on the Daum logo.


Another nice look at him from Nate.


Zum went all out with a nice animation featuring the tiger and bear, each holding mugwort and garlic as per the story. The text reads "the day the sky opened" (a reference to God coming down to Earth to make a baby with the patient, hardworking bear). 

Other sites

I didn't find a whole lot of other such logos. Here's what the Korean gov posted on their Facebook, again with the bear, tiger, garlic, mugwort:

Korean government Facebook. Image source.

Quite a few groups posted such content on their SNS pages. Here's one I just quickly scrolled by from the Daegu Foreigner's Center:

Daegu Foreign Residents Support Center Facebook.

Chosun Ilbo newspaper seems pretty reliable with its nice logo imagery for Korean holidays. Maybe what they say about the right wing being more patriotic is reflected here? Anyway it's a nice image, and I didn't see any other news sites posting any like this:

Chosun Ilbo logo for National Foundation Day

Even Ilbe got in on it:

Ilbe Foundation Day image

Similarly, DC Inside had their cute take:

DC Inside "day the sky opened" logo doodle

That's all I managed to find, though I'm sure I probably missed some. Always fun to take a glance through these. This fun whimsy is part of the fun of the Korean internet. 

Have a good holiday, folks.