Korean blog platform Egloos shutting down

Another legacy Korean internet service is shutting off the lights. The Korean blogging website Egloos (이글루스), usually stylized in English in lowercase as egloos, which began back in 2003, will be shut down this year, in June of 2023. 

The blogging service bounced around among ownership, with SK Communications (makers of CyWorld) and Zum (arguably Korea's 4th biggest standard portal site) being owners at various stages. But with the decline in blogging overall, and the concentration of most bloggers into Naver Blog or Tistory (now owned by Kakao), I guess there just wasn't much room for another. 

It had a good run. Consider that it started in 2003, the same year when Google took over the Blogger website I'm using now (and which Google surely has been wanting to kill off for a few years now...). But over time it developed a bit of a right-wing, Ilbe, otaku sort of image.  

If you visit it today, you're greeted by this pop-up announcing the scheduled depreciation of features until the final shutdown on June 16, 2023. 

Egloos service discontinuation announcement

2023년 6월 16일

이글루스 서비스 종료 안내

안녕하세요. 오랜 기간 동안 이글루스 서비스를 이용해주신 고객 여러분들께 진심으로 감사의 말씀을 전합니다.

이글루스는 2003년 서비스를 시작하여 현재까지 고객님들께 서비스 제공하여 왔으나, 부득이하게 서비스를 2023년 6월 16일부로 종료하게 되었습니다.

고객님들의 너그러운 양해를 부탁 드리며, 이글루스 서비스 종료 및 백업에 대한 자세한 내용은 공지사항을 확인해 주시기 바랍니다.

공지사항 바로가기

서비스 종료일2023.06.16

신규 회원가입 및 블로그 개설 중단 2023.03.13

일부 기능 중지2023.03.13

블로그 데이터 백업2023.06.16 ~ 2023.12.18

If anyone happens to have any blog posts or data there, you'll have the time from that June 16, 2023 shutdown until the end of the year, December 18, 2023 to back up your data. 

For posterity's sake, here's a quick screenshot of the egloos homepage today:

Screenshot of egloos homepage on March 18, 2023

Always sad to see another blogging platform go. 

See also their official discontinuation announcement: http://ebc.egloos.com/8780 

Official blog post announcing service discontinuation 

Hat Tip to: Subi Song(송민섭) 3 Best Blogging Platforms to Use in South Korea