Lookalikes 15: Ted and Bellygom

Is it just me, or does Bellygom (벨리곰) look a lot like Ted, the foul mouthed bear from the Seth MacFarlane movie starring Mark Wahlberg? 

It's not just that they are both cute teddy bears. There's something about that face. Maybe I am crazy but they could at least be long lost relatives. 

Bellygom was created by Lotte Home Shopping. Supposedly he worked in a haunted house but since he's way more cute than scary he got fired or something. So instead he now brings joy to people. 

He has an entire YouTube video series backstory that I am not going to sit here watching. It's really pretty amazing the level of detail Korean companies put into the backstories of their characters. You'd need a Pokedex to keep track of all the info. Here he is having to work a part time job:

취업을 뿌신 벨리 | Ep.4 | 생활전선에 뛰어들다

Somehow he was a hit with foreign audiences though. See: Lotte Home Shopping to nurture Bellygom as a global character  - KED Global

He has several social media profiles, including a popular Instagram with 20k followers:

Bellygom official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bellygom.official

And of course, a merch store with all kinds of branded Bellygom items:

Official Bellygom store at https://bellygom.com

Anyway, I'm sure any resemblance to Ted is coincidental. Bellygom never seems to curse or use foul language. In fact he doesn't seem to use any language at all. He doesn't speak. Somehow his thoughts or what he wants to say just appear as subtitles without him making any sounds. If he does speak, I wonder if he would have a strong Boston accent and make insulting comments about yah muddah.