Saturday, April 19, 2014

Naver's English-Korean Translator now available

Update 2016-Sept: 
Also see my post on Naver's newly released official translation app "Papago".

Original post below.

Naver has released a Translation program that appears very similar to Google Translate. It operates, much as Naver Dictionary, as a mobile-friendly website at this link:

Here's what it looks like on my phone:

Naver Translate's mobile site

Here it is in operation:

Naver Translate in operation

You can see that it translates in the "card" style Google now uses. It can pronounce the words, has a "conversational" feature where the translation is displayed full-screen (again, much like Google Translate). It also lists several sample usage sentences displayed in both Korean and English.

 Once you've translated something, you can then "Share" the translation through a variety of apps, though this sharing feature utilizes short-links (via as a share medium:

Naver Translate sharing options

It also features a row of emoticons, though I don't understand what they're for. They are apprently for feedback: Press them, and you are asked to submit your comments and feedback, so I guess the emoticons are to indicate your overall satisfaction with the translation?

Feedback option

Anyway, I'm very pleased to see Naver continuing to come out with English-language interfaces for their services. Naver has a wide variety of great features and services; wider, I'd say, than Google ever since Google's streamlining efforts. Google's main advantage, like Facebook's over CyWorld, was multilingual (thus international) support. Here's hoping that Naver continues to provide services in English (Naver Maps, perhaps?)

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