SNL Korea's "Eating Alone" (혼자 밥 먹기) sketch

SNL Korea had a sketch a couple weeks ago about eating alone (혼자 밥 먹기) that was mildly amusing. When I saw these still shots of it on Facebook, I was reminded of it. I think it's not as funny in English. Judge for yourself!

Secret 6: Eating Alone 

"She's eating alone again..."

Do you feel embarrassed eating alone?

Now you can eat alone without ever being seen...

The Lonely-Eater Spandex Disguise!

"This is great, huh!?"

"Seriously, so comfortable!"

"Bon Appetite!"

Perfect disguise for your eating alone!

The video seems to have been taken down from YouTube, but here it is on DailyMotion:

혼자 밥 먹기 창피하다고_ 걱정마 by samiashahzaidi