Facebook's Korean Top 10 for 2015

Like last year, Facebook has posted their "Year in Review" lists and included lists for the Top 10 Most Popular Topics in Korea, and the Top 10 Most Popular Check-in Locations for Korea.

I've translated them into English, with a bit of explanation just in case you need it. And you may also be interested in this year's top Naver searches for Korea and top Google searches for Korea.

인기 토픽 - 대한민국
Most Popular Topics - Korea

  1. 빅뱅
    Big Bang
    The popular K-pop boy group released a new album this year, their third, after a 3 year absence from the K-pop scene, and embarked on an international tour.
  2. 메이웨더 vs 파퀴아오 경기
    The Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight
  3. 11월13일 파리 테러
    11/13 Paris terror attacks
  4. 남북관계 개선
    Improvement in Inter-Korean Relations
    Reunions for family members separated by the Korean War were held this year.
  5. 2015광주유니버시아드
    2015 Gwangju Universiade
    The 2015 Summer Universiade, an international sports competition for college athletes, was held in the Korean city of Gwangju
  6. 메르스
    Korea suffered an outbreak of the virus this year, which took a bite out of tourism
  7. 폴 메카트니 서울 콘서트
    Paul McCartney Seoul Concert
    The Beatles legend performed for the first time in Korea this year, after having had to cancel his planned tour the year prior
  8. 박근혜 대통령
    President Park Geun-hye
    Various national issues, including my personal favorite the textbook controversy, made it a rough year for the President, especially after year-end protests.  
  9. 아시안컵
    Asian Cup
    The 2015 Asian Cup, a regional international football match, was held in Australia and saw the Korean national team finish in second place
  10. 광복 70주년
    Gwangbokjeol (Liberation Day) 70th Anniversary 
    This year marked the 70th Anniversary of Korean liberation from Japanese colonial rule. 

인기 장소 - 대한민국
Most Popular Places - Korea

  1. 제주도
    Korea's resort island
  2. 에버랜드
    An amusement park just outside Seoul
  3. 전주 한옥마을
    Jeonju Hanok Village
    A historical recreation site featuring traditional Korean-style housing. Popular destination for families and school field trips. 
  4. 롯데월드
    Lotte World
    An amusement park inside Seoul
  5. 동대문디자인플라자
    Dongdaemun Design Plaza
    An interesting example of modern architecture
  6. 경복궁
    A royal palace in downtown Seoul and popular tourist attraction
  7. N서울타워
    N Seoul Tower
    That big ugly tower that looms over the Seoul skyline. Seriously I don't know why people go here. 
  8. 코엑스
    COEX Convention & Exhibition Center
    Major exhibitions, shopping, and entertainment center in Gangnam, and this year was featured as one potential ISIS target.
  9. 경포대해수욕장
    Gyeongpo Beach 
    A popular resort area beach on Korea's east coast
  10. 남이섬
    Nami Island, a popular romantic nature spot just outside Seoul, and filming location for many famous Korean dramas

Sadly, no mention of "I Seoul U" on any of these lists. You can also see my post on last year's Facebook Korea Top 10 here along with 2015's top Naver searches for Korea and top Google searches for Korea