Saturday, November 19, 2016

Open Hangul HWP files with ALPDF

ALTools, the suite from Korea's ESTsoft, which you might recognize as that cute little pill that tries to open all the zip files on your work computer, has a new program called ALPDF (Al as in Al Bundy + PDF) aka "알PDF".

Note: this is one of several methods for working with HWP files. See my other posts on opening Hangul (.hwp/.hml) files.

I mention this new program because it lets you convert between all the usual Office formats, but also between them and Hangul's HWP file format. So could be another free tool in your arsenal for opening/converting/printing hwp files.

ALPDF logo. Image: ALTools

You can grab the app here, for Windows only:

The download is about 50MB, and while the set-up is pretty straight forward, the instructions and app itself are all in Korean. So you might be better off checking out some of my other posts on opening Hangul HWP files.

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