Sunday, January 22, 2017

Most popular stickers for Naver's Snow app 2016

Naver's Snapchat-like camera-focused SNS app "SNOW" lets you add various cute overlays to your face. Face swapping was the most popular use for the camera feature in 2016, but among these cute overlay "stickers"...

SNOW's Pink Mouse and Cookie Bear selfie filters. Image: Sports Chosun

  • Koreans preferred the "pink mouse"
  • Japanese preferred the "cookie bear"
  • Chinese preferred the "drawing cat"

If you want to get lost in teen girl cuteness then check #핑크쥐 on Instagram.

Snow was a top app in Korea this year and is also popular internationally. I don't use it because, as you might have guessed, I'm not a teen girl. In fact I'm so far from being a teen girl that I feel mildly uncomfortable with the wording of the previous paragraph.

SNOW - Selfie, Motion sticker - Android Apps on Google Play
SNOW - Selfie, Motion sticker, Fun camera on the App Store

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