Top Korean apps on Google Play, 2016

Google Play has released their lists of the most outstanding apps for 2016. Here's their list of results for Korea.

Top apps for Korea 2016
Top Apps for Korea, via Google Play. Image: Platum

The list is divided into the Top 5 apps for each of these categories:

  • Best App Overall
  • Most Innovative Apps
  • Most Shareworthy Apps
  • Most Beautiful Apps
  • Best "Local" Apps
  • Most Trending Apps
  • Most Entertaining Apps
  • Best Apps for Self Improvement
  • Best Family-Friendly Apps/Games

Korea's 2016 Overall Best App

Incredibly easy to transfer

Toss is an app for simply and easily transfering money between your bank account and others'. It supports basically all major (and minor!) banks in Korea. The popularity of this app must come from the fact that it apparently lets you wire money painlessly without your pesky bank certificate file or your "what number is in box 3 column 4" security card. Additionally it says it has some sort of fraud-protection feature that can alert you if the person you're sending money to is a criminal. A sort of "caller ID" for people's bank accounts? 

This app sounds nice. I can see why it's #1. I'd only heard the name "tossed" around 😎 but never tried it myself. I will definatley give it a download and a trial. 

I don't have time to go through all of these, so sorry folks, but this is just a list from here on out.

Korea's 2016 Most Innovative Apps

Korea's 2016 Most Shareworthy Apps

Korea's 2016 Most Beautiful Apps


Korea's 2016 Best "Local" Apps

Korea's 2016 Most Trending Apps

Korea's 2016 Most Entertaining Apps

Korea's 2016 Best Apps for Self Improvement

Korea's 2016 Best Family-Friendly Apps/Games


And there you have it. You can see these all at Google Play's "Best of 2016" review site, but it looks like this same URL is used for everyone, and the list is generated based on either your location or your logged-in account's location setting. So the link may just direct you to your own country's list. 

You can also read up on all these here (in Korean). 

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