Monday, February 13, 2017

Bing Maps shows Korean traffic congestion in real time

Bing Maps (yes, Bing) got an update to show real time traffic congestion levels in many countries, including Korea. Here's what the traffic situation looked like on Bing Maps today, a Monday just before 6pm in Yeouido:

Bing Maps real-time traffic in Yeouido on 2017-2-13, 18:00. Image: Bing

Nice thick lines there. Easy to visualize, and pretty good detail down to each street. Of course the English interface is nice.

Let's compare that with Naver's real-time traffic map at the same location and point in time:

Naver Maps real-time traffic, same time/place. Image: Naver

The thinner lines seem harder to read well, and they stay thin when zooming in. But it looks like Naver's real-time traffic shows greater congestion. More red in those lines. Maybe it's more frequently updated? Maybe the source is more accurate?

Anyway, another weapon in your map arsenal.

I already showed that Bing can be used for English language driving directions in Korea, which neither Google nor Naver can do (Naver: only in Korean, Google: no driving directions).
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And if you're a total map masochist like me, you enjoy torturing yourself with this:
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