Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hancom releases "MalangMalang Talkafe" translator app

Hancom has released yet another translator app. You'll need a translator app just to understand its name: "MalangMalang Talkafe."

This bizarre name makes more sense in Korean, sort of: 말랑말랑 톡카페. I don't know why they chose this, but malang-malang is an onomatopoeia for 'squishy' or 'chewy.' I guess the idea is that it helps you talk comfortably and buttery smooth. Chew the fat, maybe. Meanwhile talkafe is literally just the English words "talk + cafe". Why not just call it "Chewy Talk Cafe"* or just ChewTalk? 

Whatever you call it, strap on your seat belt because
Hancom Malang Malang is a new life service brand that will change your life.

Screenshots of Hancom's translation app MalangMalang Talkafe

If you're ready to have your life changed, then download it here:

More info here:

Sorry folks, no in-depth screenshot tour from me today. I don't need another translator app on my phone, much less one with a bunch of propitiatory SNS "features". This thing looks too Snapchatty for an old man like me. I'm just here to pass on the information. 

Reminder that Hancom has a more basic translator app without the SNS crap in GenieTalk:

*"Chewy Talk Cafe" sounds like one of those themed cafes, like a Cat Cafe. But instead of petting cats, you put on Chewbaca Mom masks and chat.

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