Thursday, September 7, 2017

Korean guy impersonating subway announcements

UPDATE Oct 2018: The original YouTuber goes by the handle "느낌적인느낌" (he translate this as "Feel like Feel" and yeah I guess it's something like that. A feely feeling?) and Korea Herald recently did a whole write up of him and his content:

The YouTuber mainly makes videos of himself singing and dancing, but he also uses Instagram to hold Q&A sessions with his followers through live broadcasts. He also performs K-pop in his room. In response to his fans’ requests, he shows off his comical talent by doing hilarious impressions of drama characters. The highlights are uploaded on his YouTube channel as well.
As of Oct. 21, a video where Baek mimics the Seoul Metro subway announcements garnered more than 2.4 million views and another clip where he sings veteran singer Kim Yon-ja’s “Amor Fati” recorded 1.6 million views on YouTube.
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Here's a better quality version of the one I originally embedded here:

Since I'm sharing dumb videos today, here's another I thought was impressive. This guy mimics the voices of the subway announcements at Hongdae Station, in all four languages.

Well, he clearly doesn't exactly speak all four languages, but that just adds to the humor. Pretty impressive. Ignore the belly jiggle at the beginning. I mistimed the video.

Note: This video is an extract from a longer series of clips at  지노HighlightTV - YouTube

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