Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cute Chuseok images from Kakao Friends

Here are six adorable wishing-you-well images for you to send to your Korean friends this Chuseok, courtesy of your favorite Kakao Friends.

Wishing you to spend each day of this Chuseok full of blooming happiness with your loving family!

Wishing you a spirit as bountiful (strong, healthy, bright, etc.) as the full moon, all the rest of the days of this year! 

Wishing all your desires/wishes come true this Chuseok!  

Wishing you a Chuseok as full/bountiful/plentiful as the bright full moon! 

These are all pretty flowery language, so I tried to strike a balance in my translations between accuracy and English understanding.

Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving, is a harvest celebration, so you'll notice the common theme among these is something about the bright full moon (upon which Chuseok is based). In Korea, the fall full moon is symbolic of a bountiful and plentiful harvest, so most of these are some variation on that theme. Personally, I think the last one is my favorite. For the most pleasant Chuseok, get stuffed!

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