Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Links for Oct 2017

It's time for another link round-up. Stuff I was interested in this month.

Links for October 2017

Tech stuff

Lifestyle / Living in Korea

Society / Culture  / Etc.

Google vs. Korea: Net Neutrality at the international level

Bad News / Oops!

Video Links


Andy Tebay on Twitter: "For those in Korea, it appears that https://t.co/abTbI4VZ94 readings are finally back online again as of early this morning. @10wontips https://t.co/Km1XYXqgAs"

Gil Friend on Twitter: "Hey, k-pop fans: @gfriend is NOT the “gfriend” k-pop group. Please DON’T include me in your tweets. Thanks!"

10원 Tips on Twitter: "Alright, geez, I'll be careful. No need for the foul language. https://t.co/HgOXZZjxaV"

Thanks for reading folks. Happy Halloween.

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