Kakao Navi alerts you when emergency vehicles are approaching

This is a neat implementation. Users of Kakao Navi, the turn-by-turn smartphone navigation app, will now get pop-up alerts warning them real-time of upcoming accidents and re-route users around them if possible to avoid congestion and danger. Plus, if a fire engine or emergency vehicle is approaching, the system detects those drivers who are near its path and will warn you so you can pull over or get out of the way, buying the victim inside precious moments.

Sample pop-up warning of dispatched emergency vehicle

We've all seen the congestion ambulances and the like get stuck in. And the unfortunate reality of what happens when they try to break traffic law to improve patient outcome. Not only might this encourage some drivers to make space, but I admit I've been surprised to find ambulances right on my tail before I even notice, with all the traffic and noise we're usually stuck in. Neat idea and I hope they keep up this kind of useful data system.

Right now it's just functioning on the Gyeonggi Expressway but will expand soon.

Sources: ZDnet Korea, Kakao