Monday, February 26, 2018

Pyeongchang Olympics commemorative Lego sets

Two special commemorative Lego sets were released for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Not actually "LEGO™" brand but the completely compatible Oxford blocks (made in Korea). They were available for a short time at the official Pyeongchang Olympics online store, and apparently from select Lotte Department Stores and Outlets. But not surprisingly they sold out quickly.

Here are a some pictures of the sets. One is a "Gift Truck" set, which folds open to reveal lots of cute pieces for "sale" and the other is a model of the official store.

The photos here really don't do justice to just how many pieces are in these sets. Most of the little "merchandise" in the store/truck are actual block parts themselves; not just stickers. Adorable!

Olympics Gift Truck set

Olympics gift truck set, closer view

Olympics store set

A blogger managed to snag a set each before they sold out. As you can see, the prices were very reasonable. 38,000 won is about $35.

Those are much better prices than they are being hawked for on eBay:

Same block sets selling for ~$140 on eBay

The pictures of the sets came from the following blog post, where you can see more photos of the sets:
🔗 평창굿즈 평창올림픽과 레고의 완벽한 조화 : 네이버 블로그

I searched the official store, but I couldn't find the listings for these blocks anywhere. Maybe they were removed. They seem to have been here.

But you can still buy an official Pyeongchang Olympics fidget spinner! (Edit: sold out!)

Here is a photo of both sets from someone's Instagram too:

And if you really want to get a sense of these sets (400 pieces!), here's a nice unboxing/assembly video:

And finally, if you need even more cuteness, check out my other post with various other Korean block sets:
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