Naver lets you make cute custom greeting cards right in search results

Naver has a cute little interactive "card maker" onebox result, which lets you quickly make a little greeting card image you can save and share. Here's one I threw together real quick just now:

My "card"

It's real simple. Just search for, a holiday and the word "card," for example Parents' Day (어버이날 카드), and the card maker will come up.

Naver cardmaker. Image: Naver

You just swipe between a few images, choose between a few pre-defined greetings or customize it with your own, and then share the resulting image. Pretty straightforward. You need to swipe, so it works better on mobile than on desktop.

Pre-defined greetings. Variations of "Thinking of you" or "best wishes" or "good luck".

Right now it works with these holidays:

  • 생일축하 (Birthday)
  • 안부인사 (Best wishes or Good luck)
  • 새해 (New Year)
  • 어버이날 (Parents' Day)
  • 추석 (Chuseok)
  • 크리스마스 (Christmas)

When you share it, you get a short link like this:

Make one yourself here.

Usefulness of this is questionable, but I like these cutsey things. Reminds me of how Google used to be back in their playful "don't be evil" days. Boy those times are sure long gone.