Find electric car charging stations on Naver Map

Naver Map will now show you public charging stations for your electric vehicle.

Electric car charging stations on Naver maps. Promo image: Naver

Just open the map app and search "전기차충전소" (electric car charging place) and it will bring up a list of nearby charging stations.

Tap the results and it will indicate what type of charging facilities are available. In the image they show DC차데모, AC3상, and DC콤보. I don't know about electric cars but apparently those are types of plugs or something:

Types of car charging sockets/ports. Image: Ministry of Environment 

Could be pretty handy and convenient. You could also just check here if you're on a desktop PC:

Meanwhile my gas guzzler has got a few more years in it so it'll be awhile I think before I make the switch to electric. Korea really is a perfect place for EVs to be utilized, at least for those who have apartment/office garages where they could grid up. Plenty of people park on the street in alleys crammed between officetels and I don't see how juice can be run out to them.

UPDATE Oct 2018: This feature has been expanded, and now will show you in real time the current state of the charging ports at the location on the map you choose. In other words it will tell you how many charging ports the location offers and how many of them are currently in use.

Naver Map showing real time charging availability. Image: Naver 

Great feature: you don't want to spend your last bit of juice getting to a place and other EV drivers are hogging the outlets.