Naver Toolbar "QuickPass" password manager depreciated

Naver's QuickPass (퀵패스) password manager, which was built into the old Naver Toolbar browser extension, is being shut down as of June 20, 2019.

It is officially being replaced by the built-in password syncing/manager capability of Naver's Whale browser which syncs with your Naver account anyway, no additional add-ons necessary. It also allows you to import stored passwords from QuickPass so if you have any there, you better do so before next week.

Naver's QuickPass in action. Filling in a password login form and editing a password entry. Screenshot: 네이버 툴바 사이트 비밀번호 저장하는 퀵패스로 편리하게 로그인하기

Whale's password management is essentially the same as Chrome's, which means it could be a little bit sad to say goodbye to QuickPass, which functioned more like a modern password manager like LastPass. A great feature that was ahead of its time.

As part of the Naver Toolbar, it could be installed on Internet Explorer (making it really one of the only/earliest cross-device password syncing tools), and also on Chrome.

If you're curious, you can still (for now) get the Naver Toolbar at Naver's own page (though the info page for QuickPass is taken down) or right from the Chrome Extension Store. Fiddle with QuickPass while you still can.

Naver Toolbar on Chrome. Image: Chrome Web Store

Naver is really on a roll lately consolidating and upgrading services that it has held for awhile now but maybe didn't get more widespread use. You can see that most all the features of the old Naver Toolbar are in one way or another incorporated into Whale browser (the mini-window mode, the translation, the newly combined Bookmarks/Notes into Naver Keep, etc.)