Tell Naver "대한민국 만세!" to donate money for free [Update: Kakao too]

For the Liberation Day holiday (Aug 15), Naver is running a special campaign that will donate money to the families of the descendants of Korea's independence freedom fighters. All you have to do is open your Naver app and perform a voice search, saying 대한민국 만세 ("Long live Korea").

Update: Kakao is also running a similar campaign. See below.

Naver's Liberation Day voice search campaign

When you do, it will tally up the number of people who have done the same thing. For every 10,000 people who perform the search, Naver will donate (via Habitat for Humanity Korea, 한국해비타트) to these families to help improve their living conditions. 

This is a pretty worthy cause because even a few generations later now, some of these families still suffer from the effects of impoverishment and hardships that were direct results of their family member's activities in pushing for independence against the Japanese (businesses confiscated, families jailed, assets stolen, etc). So it's cause that I think people on all sides of politics can agree with. You can read a little bit more here: Seoul beefs up support for independent fighters' descendants

Get searching, because those donations only kick in every 10,000 people. So pass the info on and get people searching. It can only be done through the Naver app (voice search doesn't work on the mobile site). 

The campaign runs from August 12 ~ August 25, 2019

Naver tally of people who've searched 대한민국 만세 plus history info cards

I think this is a good campaign. It gets more people to learn to use Naver's voice search, plus it's a positive promotion. With all the Japan boycotting lately, this Liberation Day could easily turn negative but this keeps the focus on pro-Korea instead of anti-Japan. 

To try it yourself, tap the floating Green Dot button in the Naver app and tap the microphone (labeled 음성) to do a voice search. Consult this video or image if you need help. Then simply say "대한민국 만세" or "daehan minguk mansae" or if you have no clue just say "day han mean gook man say."

It also links the search to대한민국만세 so I wonder if it works on Clova smart speakers too?

See Naver's full blog post on the event here: 네이버 음성검색 x 광복절 캠페인 : 네이버 블로그

By the way, right now (Aug 14) Naver has a special doodle up for a holiday I hadn't known about: 일본군'위안부' 피해자 기림의 날 or "Japanese Army Comfort Women Victims' Memorial Day," More on that here.

Naver doodle for Comfort Woman 

Update: Kakao is also running promotional campaign in their SNS app Kakao Story.

Kakao Story's Liberation Day campaign. Image: inews24

Search for the tag #대한민국만세 and upload a post along with it, and you'll receive a patriotic message from 안중근 with his famous "bloody hand" symbol, along with you being entered in a contest for community culture vouchers (those things that give you discounts on products or admissions to things that are vaguely educational or helpful for society, like students win at school. They're like cash but you can spend them only for certain items. Literally "culture vouchers" 문화상품권.)

Sample patriotic message from 안종근. Image: Chosun

Anyway, be sure to fly your taegukgi on Thursday and to tell Naver "long live Korea!"