Lookalikes 7: Mike from Stranger Things and Lee Soo Hyuk

Mike from Stranger Things and Lee Soo Hyuk. Screenshot: Reddit

Actor Finn Wolfhard (Mike from "Stranger Things") looks a bit like model and actor Lee Soo Hyuk.

This one isn't mine actually. I spotted it over on Reddit, so credit where credit is due. Go upvote the post from u/BelleGongju.

The kid who plays Mike in Stranger Things looks a lot like Lee Soo Hyuk to me... Maybe it's the nose? from r/KDRAMA

Of course to me, Lee Soohyuk is more famous for being an ex-boytoy of professional coquette/homewrecker muse and actress Kim Min Hee, who you will probably most know from The Handmaiden / Agashi (아가씨). From younger single men to much older married men, she has a, let's call it a wide range of talents.