Daum Kakao's cute Christmas card maker

I just noticed that, in addition to what Naver offers, Daum also lets you create and send a simple little holiday greeting card right from the search results page. And since Daum is now part of Kakao, the cards feature the Kakao Friends line of characters.

Search "크리스마스 인사말" (Christmas greetings) on Daum and a onebox result will appear where you can choose a holiday card to send via KakaoTalk. If you do the search on the desktop site it will just show you how to say "Merry Christmas" in multiple languages. Do the search on the mobile site to get the card maker.

Christmas greeting card maker onebox results on Daum

The Christmas cards are premade and don't allow any customization. You just pick the card you want from the little circles and hit the Kakao logo button to immediately share it in KakaoTalk. 

There are 6 options for the cards:


It's not just holiday cards though. This onebox card maker is for any event. So if you'd like to add a custom message, you can switch over to the other tab just above the circle images to enter the card maker (카드만들기). 

Here you won't get any special holiday themed imagery, but instead some generic cute Kakao Friends character backgrounds on which you can type your own message, up to 51 characters. Hit the "미리보기" button below the textbox to Preview the image. Then you can share it in KakaoTalk. In theory you can also screenshot it and do whatever you want with it. Like post it in a blog of cheap tips.

I like these little features that let you take care of simple tasks right in the search results, no apps to install or special sites to visit. And the results look very decent. 

Interestingly, since Nate searches basically return Daum search results now, the exact same card maker is available when searching on Nate as well.