Naver's cute Christmas card maker

Naver has a special onebox result if you search for "크리스마스 인사말" (Christmas greetings), where you can customize a cute little Christmas card with a few images and well wishings. 

Here's what it looks like:

There's no custom text this year. You just choose from a selection of 4 pre-made greetings and 4 pre-made images for your card. Choose the greeting from the checkboxes and hit the little rounded "Refresh" arrow at the top-right of the image to switch between the pictures. 

Your greeting choices are:
  • 가족, 친구와 함께 따뜻한 크리스마스 보내세요. (Have a warm Christmas with family and friends)
  • 가족들과 함께 즐거운 크리스마스 보내세요. (Have an merry Christmas with your family)
  • 사랑과 기쁨이 가득한 크리스마스 보내세요. (Have a Christmas full of love and joy)
  • 즐겁고 행복한 성탄절 보내세요. (Have a fun and happy Christmas)
And here are what the image choices look like:


When you're done, you can hit the 카드 보내기내 link at the bottom of the picture to "send" the card, which just gives you a link you can share to the image. 

And that's it. Fun, simple, cute way to have an little greeting image you can drop into your Kakao chatrooms. 

You may recall that Naver had a similar onebox feature a few years ago where you could make a wreath: Naver Christmas card maker

And of course you probably already noticed that this card maker feature isn't just for Christmas. Click any of the other holidays listed above the image to make those cards too, which include:
  • 생일축하 (Birthday) 
  • 안부인사 (Best wishes)
  • 어버이날 (Parents day)
  • 성년의날 (Coming-of-Age day, for kids who turn 19)
  • 새해 (New Year, Jan 1st))
  • 추석 (Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving)
  • 크리스마스 (Christmas)
I apparently wrote about this feature before and demonstrated some of the other holiday offerings here:

Back then you could customize the text. I wonder if people abused it so the feature was removed. 

And if you want more cards, Daum-Kakao offers a similar card maker feature right inside their search results too.

Anyway have fun making you cards. Send it to your Korean grandma and she'll love it.