Turkey discontinued at Subway restaurants in Korea

Sad news for turkey fans. It just became even harder to eat your favorite juicy bird in Korea. The most reliable place for it, Subway restaurants, have discontinued serving turkey as of this month. 

It's been replaced by thin-sliced chicken meat that looks basically the same.

I found this out the hard way when I visited after work the other day and got told by the staff member that turkey isn't sold anymore and has been replaced by 치킨슬라이스 ("chicken slice"). She even pulled some out to let me visually inspect it. It definitely looks the same. It is low calorie (265 kcal) like the turkey was. 

Does it taste the same? I don't know. I went with a spicy Italian. The main reason I ate the turkey wasn't for health but for the simple fact that it's one of those rare items that isn't easy to get here. So if I can't get my turkey, I'm going to go with salami. Little tastes of home. 

"Chicken slice" now occupies the menu spot held by that delicious turkey breast

It looks like supply chain issues and production woes from the US are to blame. So it doesn't look like turkey will be making a comeback any time soon.

Notice that these 3 sandwiches, which formerly contained turkey, now use thin sliced chicken meat. Image: Women's Generation cafe

Sad to see it go. Though I'm guessing that inside a sandwich filled with vegetables and the unholy amount of sauces I see Koreans add, it probably won't taste any different. Seriously, I want to puke when the person in front of me asks for sweet chili and hot chili on an egg mayo flatbread. And probably nobody but diet conscious young women were ordering turkey anyway. Not like it's a real familiar meat to Koreans. 

But anyway, if you go and try to order and they give you the X arm gesture, now you'll know why.

This follows on the heels of the elimination of the Meatball Sub earlier this year:

The official announcement didn't give any indication of why, but I would guess a lack of popularity coupled with the difficulty of sourcing the ingredients ultimately killed it off.