Friday, February 28, 2014

RSS feeds for Waygook boards/threads is a good resource for foreigners living and working in Korea. You may not have realized it, but you can subscribe to Waygook boards in the convenience of an RSS reader. I find this a great way to see what all the foreigners in Korea are complaining about now. It's a better reading experience than the site itself, and a great way to keep up if, like me, you don't actually log-in there all that often.

Here's the basic RSS feed syntax for any Waygook board:

Each Waygook board/section has a special two-digit identifying number. Just replace the ## in this sample with the number of the board you want to follow.You'll find the number by visiting that board on Waygook and checking the URL.

Here are a few examples:

For your convenience, some other popular feeds:
You can follow individual topic threads via RSS as well. This is an excellent way to stay up on what people are saying about niche interests related to life in Korea.

Specific topic threads follow this URL format:,AAAAA.msgBBBBBB.html

So just plug in the numerical values to the general RSS structure:

For example, say you want to subscribe to the Dermatology, Cosmetic, & Aesthetic Services in Korea for Foreigners thread. You can subscribe here:

Major props to for following open internet standards and allowing us to access their content in this convenient and simple way. 

Happy Wayging.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Default Wi-fi Passwords in Korea

A Korean friend sent me this list of default Wi-fi passwords.

와이파이 비밀번호 모음

KT_Wlan - 1234567890
헬로우 디 (HellowD) - 534f4b4354
맥도날드 (McDonalds) - 16005252 or that branch's delivery phone number
세븐일레븐 (7 Eleven)- 2127393302
SK - a123456789
일반 Egg - Password
파리 크라상 (Paris Croissant)- vkflzmfktkd
부영컴 - 15444352
myLGnet, myLG070 - 123456789a , 987654321a ,1234567890 , myLGNetfe07
KT SSID , KT_WLAN - 1234567890 , 123456789a , 1234567890c
KT QOOK AP - 1234567890
SO070VOIP - 534f4b4354
Tbroadnet - 123456789 또는 a123456789
      에러 - 신호는 잡혀도 미연결시, MAC 이 원인임
      방법 - http://게이트웨이주소 치면, 관리자 암호 입력에 admin/admin or admin/password 입 력.
스타벅스  (Starbucks) - 매장별 전화번호 (영수증 참조)   (branch phone number, or check your receipt) 
Hellowireless - 534f4b4354
tobis - 1234
KWI-BxxxxT( Egg 택시) (Taxis) - SHOW3382 , password
Egg 택시, 친절콜 와이브로(KWI-B2200T-XXXXX,KWI-2200) - SHOW3382 (대문자 필수)
디폴트 Egg 뒷번호는 제품 시리얼 넘버와 일치. 이건 디폴트라면 ssid 뒷자리와 동일.
iptime (, anygate(, zio - 비번 필요없음. 암호설정시, 주인 임의
admin - password
LINKSYS 설정( - 사용자명은 없고, 암호만 admin
  SK(T-spot) - sktelecom
U+존 - a0123456789
U+100 : 단말기 시리얼 번호(무선 100MB)
T world zone - T월드 홈페이지 방문 mac등록(타 통신사도 가능)


You can find lists like this all over the place, but this one seems a bit more comprehensive.
I always feel sorry for the newbie teachers here, stuck in a shitty apartment with no way to contact their family or even other foreigner friends here. Hopefully one of these will work to get you at least a temporary connection. If you haven't got anyone to help you out, I suggest going with KT as they have a good English-speaking service. For example, check out @olleh_expats
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Find the Korean names of foreign / English / American movies

You are chatting with your Korean coworkers at the bar after work. Everyone is going around the table talking about their favorite movie. It comes to your turn. You confidently say "Ernest Goes to Camp" but they have no idea what you're talking about. What was this called in Korean?

Nowadays "western" movies tend to carry their titles directly over into hangul. Thus, Robocop is 로보캅, not 로봇 경찰관. But others have had their titles translated into Korean. Frozen, for example, is 겨울왕국 (Winter Kingdom). This is especially true with (1.) children's movies, and (2.) movies released prior to 2000. What's the easiest way to find these Korean titles?

Simple. Use the Naver Movies site. Just type in the film's name in English, and the results page will list the name it goes by in Korea. Thus you can do a quick check on your phone and explain that your favorite film is called 어니스트 1 - 캠핑 가다 and take in the spray of comically/exaggeratedly spit beer as the shock of someone liking this movie overwhelms them.

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