Friday, December 12, 2014

Facebook's Korean Top-10 of 2014

Real quick here, Facebook put out a Year-in-Review site filled with Top-10 lists, including two focused on Korea. Nothing special or surprising here, which makes me wonder if it's been edited or filtered at all, because if I were to compile a Top-10 List for Korea 2014, it would certainly include Kim Yuna but where is any mention of Sewol, especially on a list focused on SNS?

Anyway here they are: supposedly the hottest topics discussed on Facebook in Korea in 2014, and the most checked-into places.

인기 토픽 - 한국

Popular Topics - Korea

  1. 김연아
    Kim Yuna
    (retired this year after a controversial Olympics judging decision)
  2. 밸런타인데이
    Valentine's Day
  3. 에볼라 출혈열
    Ebola virus
  4. 2014년 동계 올림픽
    2014 Winter Olympics
    (South Korea took 3 golds, almost a fourth)
  5. 교황
    The Pope
    (The Pope visited Korea this year for Asian Youth Day and presided over a public Catholic mass in downtown Seoul that was attended by huge numbers)
  6. 슈퍼볼
    The Super Bowl
  7. 박지성
    Park Ji-sung
  8. MTV 비디오 뮤직 어워드
    MTV Video Music Awards
  9. 만우절
    April Fools' Day
  10. 아시안 게임
    Asian Games
    (The Asian Games were hosted by Incheon this year)

인기 장소 한국
Popular check-in Places - Korea

  1. 롯데월드
    Lotte World
  2. 남산타워
    Namsan Tower (or "N Seoul Tower")
  3. 에버랜드
  4. 명동
  5. 홍대
  6. 잠실야구장
    Jamsil Baesball Stadium
  7. 동대문디자인플라자
    Dongdaemun Design Plaza
    (opened this year)
  8. 여의도한강시민공원
    Yeouido Hangang Park
    (site of a popular Fireworks Festival and a well-known Cherry Blossom festival)
  9. 대학로
  10. 경복궁
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Air Quality card in Google Now in Korea

I noticed a new card appearing yesterday in my Google Now stack, an Air Quality card:

Must have been that breezy winter storm that cleared the air, because that seems to be the cleanest I've ever seen it. I've blacked out my location, which was accurate to the "-gu" level.

I quite like this feature, as I used to have a bookmark in Chrome to check out the air quality. I wonder if Google noticed this in my web history and that's why it started displaying the card? I'd be curious to know if any other Google Now users in Korea are seeing this.

It seems the info is provided by the "Korea Environment Corporation"; when you tap the bottom of the card, it takes you to their, how can I put it lightly, 'non-mobile-optimized' homepage.

I did a quick Google search for "Google Now air quality card" and saw nothing in the results. Could it be a new feature? Any one outside Korea seeing it? Maybe a nice little Christmas gift for us Korean Google fans? ^_^
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