Netffice 24 now has English interface

Update: Netffice has been depreciated and replaced by Hangul Office. See my newer post:
Open HWP files in Hancom Office online (i.e Hancom Space i.e. Netffice24)

Original post continues below but is now oudated. 


Real quick here, just wanted to point out something that I just noticed: Netffice 24, Hancom's online office suite, which is great for working with Hangul (.HWP) files, now allows you to set the interface to English.

Just log-in, click your profile icon (mine is still the default bird... owl?...), and choose "Settings". You'll be able to:

  • switch the language (currently two options: Korean and English)
  • check your storage space usage
  • import contacts (for collaboration)
  • view your session activity log (when/where/how you've logged-in)
Here was the interface before, in Korean:

Screenshot of Netffice 24 suite, Korean interface

And here it is now in English:

Screenshot of Netffice 24 suite, English interface

And it's not just the "drive" folder either. The entire editing suite is now in English. Check this out:

Screenshot of Netffice 24 suite, English interface

I just love that this tool is available, for free, and seems to improve over time. Even just a couple years ago, we had to suffer through the routine of:
  1. Co-worker sends you .hwp file.
  2. You email him, asking him to re-send it as a .doc.
  3. He resends it, but it's still a .hwp file.
  4. You email him back, but now he's insulted and doesn't understand why you need it in .doc form anyway when the whole company, the whole country, uses .hwp. You arrogant Yankee. 
  5. You pirate a woefully out-of-date copy of Hangul Office from some shady Korean torrent site.
  6. It works so-so until it tries to update itself and breaks.
  7. You punch your computer and give up, taking to Reddit to moan about how backward the people here are. 
Be a Mac or Linux user, and you were basically SOL. The Netffice 24 suite is like Tylenol: dumb name, but saves you headaches. Thumbs-up from me.

And of course, don't forget to see my other posts on opening Hangul (.hwp/.hml) files.


Mcpaul said…
Thank a lot you make my day.
Sam Nordberg said…
Glad to hear it.