Thursday, July 16, 2015

Typing in Korean in Chromium on Lubuntu

A quick Google search will show that Chrome/Chromium was having issues rendering Korean text on Ubuntu in the past. But I had a different problem. I use Lubuntu, and I couldn't type in Korean at all in Chromium. Korean typing worked fine in Firefox, and I could read Korean text in Chromium, no problem. The only problem was typing Korean in Chromium. My usual 한/영 key wouldn't work, and I could only type in English.

This isn't the best solution, but for me, it's a simple work-around: Install the Korean IME from the Chrome Web Store

Korean IME example from Chrome Web Store

It's a very light-weight Chrome/Chromium extension that lets you toggle English/Korean with just a click, and works well whether you have a physical Korean keyboard enabled or not. Great little piece of software, a real life lifesaver for me. Just wish it had a key toggle, as it's good for occasional Korean writing, but if you're switching back-and-forth between languages a lot, it gets bothersome having to click. 

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