Google's AI vs. Korea's top Baduk player: schedule and livestream link

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Real quick here, a while ago I mentioned the baduk battle between Google's A.I. computer "AlphaGo" and expert player Lee Sedol. I live-streamed a bit of the first match today, which featured some American guy commenting on each move (in English), which was pretty cool, as he was explaining the game and strategies being employed so that a guy like me, with no baduk knowledge at all, could sort of follow along.

If you're interested, here's the schedule for the rest of the match as provided by Google:
The games will start at 1pm Korea Time (4am GMT; day before 11pm ET, 8pm PT) on these days:
- Wednesday, March 9: First game
- Thursday, March 10: Second game
- Saturday, March 12: Third game
- Sunday, March 13: Fourth game
- Tuesday, March 15: Fifth game
They are live-streaming on this YouTube channel, and you can set-up reminders there for it.

Also Google is updating that blog post after each match, so if you're lazy you can check back there for the basic details of how each match went, or any number of media outlets. So far it's Man 0 : Machine 1. Read more here.

And for something funny, one of my coworkers saw the headline of this match but wasn't particularly interested in it. He saw that the match was between 이세돌 and 알파고. So when me and another guy are chatting about it during the smoke break, he goes "So anyway, what kind of a name is 알파고 anyway? Is he like some relation to 알 파치노?"