Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Treat: 폰령 ("Phone Ghost"), an augmented reality webcomic

"Phone Ghost" webcomic

Naver Comics has an interesting scary offering just in time for Halloween (well it came out a few days ago, but I'm just getting around to this) It's an Augmented Reality (AR) webtoon, that, after reading the comic, gives your phone's camera the ability to see ghosts. It's called 폰령 ("Phone Ghost").

폰령 webtoon promo. Image: ETnews

After reading through the story about a kid who spots a ghost on their phone, your own phone will then be able to "sense" the presence of a ghost. So you hold it up and look around with its camera, which will overlay with the ghostly AR if you find it correctly. But the appearance of the ghost depends on the phone's gyroscope, so you need to hold the phone at the right angle to see it.

Honestly I hate this kind of thing and I will never watch another horror-themed webtoon again after I nearly crapped my pants reading the Bongcheondong Ghost web comic awhile back. But I encourage you all to give it a try and let me know how it goes for you.

Here's an official teaser trailer for it.

If you want to cheat, you can see an example walk-through here. Additionally, there will be three 'episodes' of this, the last one coming today (Oct. 30).

Find it at the official Naver Comics site: 폰령 :: 네이버 만화

Line Webtoons' "Horror Zone"

Unfortunately, "Phone Ghost" doesn't look to have an English version, but Naver's international-focused webtoon site, Line Webtoons, has a special "Horror Zone" to enjoy some scary comics by Korean authors (and others) in English. Although I'm not a real webtoon sort of guy, I like the design and standards of the site. You can read the comics in the app, or just online, and can even subscribe to your particular favorite comics via RSS.

Line Webtoon Horror Zone

Lotte World's "Horror Halloween"

Finally, today's your last chance to visit Lotte World's special "HORROR HALLOWEEN: Zombie Island" event. If you're familiar with Universal Studio's "Halloween Horror Nights" then you'll know what to expect. Workers dressed as zombies attacking you, etc. If you're interested, check these English-language posts on it:

An official promotion page for it looks terrifying. But I do like the cute creepy food items shown in this tweet:

Happy Halloween.
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Saturday, October 29, 2016

G-mail shows previews of Hangul (HWP) files

It seems G-mail is now able to show full 'previews' of Hangul (.hwp) files that are attached to e-mails.

A Hangul .hwp file, in G-mail

This is a nice feature, since you had to manually download and open the files before to see what's inside. This also makes it a quick and easy way to open the file without any extra software or steps, since you can copy text from this preview.

This is also a nice workaround for converting an .HWP file to a .PDF, since you can print from the viewer and chose your OS's "Print to PDF" option.

Previously if you tried viewing an attached HWP file you'd just get the "No preview available" message. And the same is still true if you try opening it in Google Inbox (maybe they'll add that soon?).

Hangul file in Inbox

What would be ideal now is if a site like Polaris Office would make a Drive compatible app so you could open the file in their full editor immediately. Of course you can always just add the file to your Drive with one-click here and previously have connected your Drive with your Polaris account.

It's a nice subtle improvement to G-mail. Thanks, Goog.

Also see my other posts on opening Hangul HWP files.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hite beer cans featuring K-pop stars

Hite beer cans featuring K-pop stars

For you K-pop fans, you can crack open a cold one with your favorite top idols. Or rather, you could have, as it was mainly just a promotional item. Good luck finding them now.

Hite beer cans featuring TVXQ, Shinee, and Girls' Generation (SNSD). Image: Naver News / Money Today

I only thought this was interesting because I found myself wondering what the reaction would be if beer companies in the West put teenage-focused entertainers on alcohol promotions. Would Beyonce show up on a Colt 45? Would Taylor Swift be on a Coors Lite? I wonder what the reaction would be.

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Google Arts & Culture features several Korean natural history museums

It looks like several Korean natural history museums have had their collections added to Google's online exhibitions.

국립해양생물자원관, the National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea, featured in Google Ats & Culture

Earlier this year, Google released a service called "Google Arts & Culture" to help bring museum collections online. They'd already included a lot of artworks, and now added natural history exhibits.

Starting today, anyone, anywhere can explore this world on Google Arts & Culture. We’ve partnered with 50+ of the world’s leading natural history institutions to bring this lost world to life again online. More than 150 interactive stories from experts, 300,000 new photos and videos, and more than 30 virtual tours await you...
[Official Google Blog: An extinct world brought back to life with Google Arts & Culture]

Blotter pointed out that several Korean natural history museum collections are now featured there, including:

These collections seems to be fully documented in both Korean and English. You can change the language just by tweaking the URL. The links above are for English. Browse around all the neat specimens. I like this fish (apparently called a Lagocephalus lagocephalus oceanicus, or somehow simply 꺼끌복), because I feel like he looks like me. 

The most fun, of course, is actually wandering around the museum grounds themselves, street-view style. 

Happy exploring.

UPDATE 2016-11:
Google have also added works from artist Yoo Young-kuk (유영국). See their blog post about it (in Korean) here:
Google 한국 블로그: '한국 추상화의 선구자' 유영국 작가의 작품을 더 가까이 만나보세요
And see their entry for Yoo and his work here:
유영국 - Google Arts & Culture
For a primer on his abstract style and the importance of his work in Korea's modern history, see these articles:

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