KakaoTalk service disruption (June 25, 2018)

If you had trouble logging-in or sending messages via KakaoTalk messenger, you're not alone. The whole service went down and acted wonky for about an hour yesterday (Monday, June 25).

Kakao released a statement in English that mirrors what I saw in Korean news.

We apologize for the interruption in our service

Dear Ka’Talkers,

As some of you may have noticed, there was a temporary error in our service. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The issue has been well noted and is now fully resolved. Here are our answers to some questions you may have about this incident.

■ What happened?

An error has occurred on June 25, 2018 from 4:54 PM to 5:48 PM (GMT+9).
Some users may have experienced delays sending or receiving messages, or failed to log in to KakaoTalk for Mac or Windows.

■ What was the problem?

There was a temporary error while updating our internal system. We have resolved the issue as soon as it was noted and service has been fully restored. Measures have been taken to make sure such error does not re-occur.

We will do our best to provide users with a safer service environment and further improve our service quality.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Kakao Team

 - KakaoTalk Notices

This is apparently the fourth service disruption after May 21, April 7, and January 16.

To me, the issue isn't the inconvenience of having an important messenger service down for an hour. It's how utterly reliant we've become on them. I feel like a lot of things I end up spending 20 minutes of back-and-forth texting about could have been dealt with immediately with a 2 minute phone call. Maybe I sound like gramps who preferred writing letters than picking up the phone.