Thursday, August 15, 2019

Portals celebrate Korean Liberation Day 2019

Here's a quick round up of the doodles that internet companies had up for Korean Liberation day 2019.

An Jung-geun in Nate doodle 2019


Google put up an animated Taegukgi with a share link of

Google's doodle for Korean Liberation Day 2019. Image: Google


Twitter is running the same campaign they've done before, showing the bloody hand of An Jung-geun when including certain hashtags. I've found these that trigger it.
  • #광복절
  • #대한독립만세
  • #대한민국만세
  • #광복74주년
  • #koreanliberationday

Twitter's Ah Junggeun hand logo. Image


Daum's logo blends the Taegeuk design with a Mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon) flower, the national flower of Korea.

Daum doodle for Korean Liberation day 2019


Naver includes a waving Korean flag with a label commemorating the 74th Liberation Day.

Naver's search doodle for Korean Liberation day 2019


Nate's doodle includes various figures and their famous quotes from the independence movement. The animation includes 김구, 안중근, 유관순, and 신채호.

Nate animated doodle for Korean Liberation day 2019

Additionally, many sites are running patriotic promotions that combine voicing support for Korean independence with getting more people to use their products. Here are what Naver and Kakao did this year:
10원 Tips: Tell Naver "대한민국 만세!" to donate money for free [Update: Kakao too]

You can see more examples searching for 광복절 캠페인.

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